Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Know You Were Born in 70's If . . .

Sometimes daughter’s ask the strangest questions. I have been talking to one of my bff’s (see I am hip – remember this throughout this post). As I hung up the phone, dd asked me, “How long was that call?”

“64 minutes” I replied as I looked at the phone screen.

“And you complain about me and Eva?”

“Whoa, I talk that long once in a while and I don’t hang up, call, hang up, call” She started trying to explain why her friend and her had made so many calls to each other recently.

Then came the priceless comment, “Didn’t you do that with your friends when you were a teenager?” The look in my eyes told her everything. “That is your first cell phone!?!” It was more of an accusation than a question. “You got your first cell phone at 36?”

This was probably funnier than the time that she, upset about being banned from a game on the computer, tearfully asked, “What games did you play on the world wide web?” She was horrified to find out that computers, when I was her age, were just a glorified typewriter.

Time warp .. .

You know that you were born in the 70’s if . . .

You have pictures of you at a child that you would be embarrassed to put in donation box now.

You know the secrets of Wonder Woman’s lasso, the Hulk’s transformation, and Secrets of Witch Mountain.

You can sing the verses and the chorus to Puff the Magic Dragon.

And apparently,

Didn’t get your cell phone until you were an adult

And remember sticking your phone receiver into a modem to “dial up”

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Dana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I definately understand, being born in the 70's.