Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heath Care - A National Priority

Today, I had the joy of picking up my husband’s medications at the pharmacy, actually only 3 of the 5 that he takes on a regular basis. I paid out $100.00 today and sadly that was a relief, because without health insurance today’s total would have been over $500.00. This monthly ritual reminded me of a conversation with friends of ours this summer. We were talking about the national health care crisis, which apparently our friend did not think was really a national crisis. He said, “You hear about everyone having problems with the health care, but who can you actually name?” I think he might have regretted making this comment, when I responded that my family was one of the names.

We are luckily getting by, but we have to make decisions based on health care insurance. We know that we cannot go without it. Currently, we are living under the threat of losing our coverage. We are on COBRA and can’t get in on his new company’s insurance until we move into their service area, but as you have read on the site, we can’t sell our house because of the market. We’ve tried getting individual insurance but both of us were actually denied (They would cover the children, but not us – hmmmmmm!!!! What kind of insurance is that?). Now we have to pray for our house to sell and for the company that we left not to go out of business. Without insurance, we would either go bankrupt or have to let him get progressively sicker. If people only knew how precarious their own situations were, there would be a public outcry too loud to be ignored.

This is an issue that we must continue to keep on the front burner in this election. Certainly our country’s economy is priority, but health care is a critical component of every citizen’s personal financial picture whether they realize it or not. People should not have to choose between eating and medical care. They should not have to make choices that may affect their lives based on concern for medical care coverage.

Ask the candidates how they plan to deal health care issues.

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