Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy Squirrel Wants In

This is not my picture but a Flickr pic, because I can’t get a shot of our crazy squirrel. The other day – BANG, something hit the back door. Then there was scratching. I looked to make sure that the dog and the cat were in the house, and they were. But I’m not sure that that was reassuring, because what the heck was at the back door. BANG – He hit the door again, but this time he caught himself on the window pain. The squirrel had a great green nut in his mouth and he clung to the 9 pane back door looking at me to let him in. Now this was pretty funny, but it has only gotten funnier because he continues to do it day after day. It happens so fast I have yet to get a picture of him, but you should see his face, because I swear he thinks we are really going to let him in.

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