Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Job, An update on the Squirrel, and a question

I started my new job officially. Last night was the orientation for the new students. Work was actually a very good excuse not to go to the fair which was a virtual wash out, but apparently I was missed at the fair. DD and DH said that everyone was asking for me. DD said that she was going to put on a t-shirt that said “My Mom is not here. She is at her new job. I can’t explain it so just ask her when you see her”

I have a ton of reading to learn more about the program so that I can answer any questions. I also learned two important things:

1. Wear flats – My feet hurt. They were ok when I was there but after driving home, I could barely walk from the car to the house.

2. I need to get my eyes checked – my task last night was to get the students’ pictures so that I can make their badges (the job is in a state building so everyone must have clearance). I’m just telling you that those numbers on the camera could not have been made any smaller. Plus, the numbers were white on a white background. The 6’s, 8’s, and 9’s were virtually indistinguishable. I started tracking the number counting down and the number of each picture just so that I could cross reference. I did not want to fail at my first task at my new job.

Important Update from the Crazy Squirrel Post: I found out where my crazy squirrel came from:

Also, I have to ask why bother saying you are not going to be somewhere unless. When dispite the unless, you show up anyway. I guess pre-conditions don't always work.

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