Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am in Love with the Mailman

I must make an open admission. I love the mailman and the UPS and the Fed Ex guy. No, I am not cheating on my husband. I just love what they bring. My two favorites today are:

My Pottery Barn Magazine - I adore they style of Pottery Barn and could easily live in any of the rooms represented on their pages. In my journal of ideas (a photo album that I fill with ideas that catch my eye), Pottery Barn is probably the most commonly pulled from. I wish I could afford it.

My Pampered Chef Family Skillet – The UPS man delivered my replacement family skillet. I cannot speak highly enough about this skillet. It has become the do it all pan in our home: from pancakes to stir fries, from sautéing vegetables to grilled cheese. I love the size, the no-stick surface, and now the warranty. This pan came with a lifetime warranty from Pampered Chef. I am not one to put too much stock in warranties. I think many stores use warranties as a ploy to sell your products that they really never intend to back-up, but Pampered chef stood behind their product. A friend of ours complained about the non-stick seeming to be disintegrating and they were returning theirs for a replacement. After looking at theirs; I thought our looks worse than theirs, so we opted to return ours at the same time. Of course in order to do that I had to scrape out that night’s taco dinner (I told you that I used it all the time). I was sad to see the pot leave my house. What would I cook in? But today is a joyous day because I have a nice new family skillet.

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