Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazy, Crazy Life - How to survive a real estate showing, an interview, and a book club

I am sorry that I did not get an opportunity to post yesterday. Sometimes days that are supposed to be calm and easy suddenly become frenzied and crazy. I thought that I was going to spend most of my day yesterday finishing Nathanial Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter for my book club last night. DS had to go to an award ceremony at which his troop was receiving an environmental award for their recycling project and our local fair, but DH had made arrangements for another parent to bring him. So in the morning, I got up dressed and brought him over to their house. Upon arriving home, DD and I had just gotten resettled on the couch with a book and I with a cup of coffee, when the phone rang. The realtor had a call for a showing and wanted to know if I wanted to do it today or tomorrow. Knowing that it is never good to put off a showing, I looked around and shuddered. How could I possibly be ready for a showing in 1 ½ hours? But that is what I choose. I put the computer and my book away and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to wipe down the shower, vacuum, hide paperwork, and generally clean up. Thank goodness DD was here to help. We just made it out the door as the real estate agent and the potential buyer arrived. Then of course I had not find DS and keep him from being dropped off at an empty house. So actually I went to their house to pick them up and ended up in a wonderful conversation with the mom. Somehow the coffee I drank with her was like the elixir that Alice in Wonderland drank. Hours slipped away. I arrived back home still having to make dinner and finish the Scarlet Letter. There was no way that I had time to blog.
Fortunately, I had dinner partially prepared because I had caught Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller over the weekend and had planned my weekly meals around her “I feel Like Chicken tonight” episode. So I prepared the Chicken Caesar salad and the Cheesy Garlic Bread and then got back to reading. I finished my book by the slimmest of margins and rushed to the location for the book club. FYI, if anyone has any ideas for our next book club, I am open to ideas. When I got back home, it was bed time. Of course I had to take the dog for his final walk of the day. He was well behaved until we arrived back at the door where he promptly laid down in the front grass and refused to move. I thought, if life were only so easy. How do you think others might respond if we did that?
Today, I’m still running late because I had a job interview in Hartford. In my wisdom, I set the meeting for 9 am – DUH! If you have an option to not travel into a city at rush hour, you perhaps should take advantage of that. Oh, well, I made it there and I think it went well, but we will see. Wish me luck! And since this extra driving will force us to make a car decision, I would love to hear any input that you may have in cars. I want something that gets over 30mph and can fit a busy family and their stuff. I currently drive a minivan and really like the versatility.
I will try to get back on schedule with my posts.

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