Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Wine Tasting with Friends

DH and I are planning a great evening at Gouveia Vineyards.

The first time DH and I did a wine tasting, we actually went to Newport Vineyards. I love their wines especially Great White and Sanctuary. Newport does not have the ambiance that Gouveia does, but they sure have the variety to make up for it. You can even arrange to tour their processing area. We have tried several wine tastings with our friends Bob & Shirley, but have never gone with the group we are going with tonight. The nice thing about our plans tonight is that we will have a tasting, hear live music, and then we are going to pick out a couple of our favorite bottles to share together as we eat hors devours that each of us has brought along. It should be a wonderful evening.

Tastings at vineyards are usually not very expensive and usually pretty informal. Do not be intimidated. In Connecticut there are actually two wine trails that have been mapped out for people to travel and try the variety of what is available here. You don’t have to be in the Napa Valley to enjoy local wines. When we find a flavor that we find particularly interesting, we usually buy 6 or 7 bottles to give out for gifts or to add to a bottle or two to our collection (ok – collection sounds way to formal for what we have).

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Gauri said...

Wine tasting seems so much fun ! I enjoy my wine when out dining. Ours would be one of the traditional Indian families where though we entertain a lot of guests, we dont usually serve alcohol or wine. A good glass of wine, pleasant music and a small group of wonderful people :)A recipe for a perfect evening. I hope you have a great time :)