Monday, September 22, 2008

To Immunize or Not?

DD has her annual checkup tomorrow and I know I’ll be faced with the question to give her the Gardasil immunization. I have got to give the manufacturer credit, my daughter knows the jingle, “I want to be one less, one less”. Please know that I am not anti-immunization. I just get nervous with new immunizations. I felt the same way about the Chicken Pox vaccine. There have just been too many medications that the FDA has approved that then were retracted because of problems and not small problems but deadly consequences. I think of the children that were born after the use of the “safe” drug Thalidomide. How do we know the long term effects of these immunizations and why do I want my children to test these long term effects? I certainly believe that the purpose of these immunizations are worthy, but I am worried about potential consequences; consequences that may not come clear for years or even decades. Of course, the reverse is possible too. I have been reading about the rising rates of whooping cough because of people choosing not to immunize.
Last year, I was lucky because her pediatrician agreed it was too early to make a good decision about the immunization and we could wait a year as DD was only 12. I’m hoping that her pediatrician will have some reassuring words in one direction or the other. I would like to think that we have plenty more time to consider this immunization but time is wearing on and the truth is who knows . . .or will I even know.

How are you all dealing with these issues?

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MrsD/Jacque said...

You asked, "How do you deal with these issues?"
You probably know this from reading the Gardasil post, but I research everything I can, and I use as much holistic care as I can. We do NOT call the Dr. first.
I guess since we homeschool, we just don't do what everyone else does with Dr.s and such. We cut out the Drs and their health-controlling ideas as much as possible. If it isn't necessary, we don't do it.
I *am* anti-immunizations. I have done enough research, and I do NOT believe the government or the pharmaceutical companies. I believe the moms whose children have had adverse reactions, including autism.

There are some articles that everyone should read, but they won't, because they are not in the spotlight because that would not benefit the people who stand to make the money. Fear is a much easier tactic than the truth.

Anyway, research it, question it and make a judgment based on facts instead of just because we told you to do it.

:D blessings to you!