Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jeff Dunham Comedy in Pre-School

Have you ever seen the comedy of Jeff Dunham? You may be more familiar Achmed – the dead terrorist, Peanut, Jose- Jalapeño on a stick, or Walter. I will concede that his comedy can be brash and definitely verging on racist, but some of it is funny with a capital F. I find Achmed particularly funny. I tried to be offended and ignore it when my husband had it on, but I couldn’t do it. Ventriloquists are amazing artists. It has to be done well or it fails. Jeff Dunham is a pro.

My kids and friends of ours have listened to his Achmed segment so many times they can recite it. This has become particularly but sadly funny because our friends are a family of six children ranging in age from 4 to 14. The littlest one Anna is very quiet and often doesn’t talk (I personally think this is because she has 5 other children and her parents to do all the talking). Anyway sweet little Anna has taken to using one of Achmed’s tag lines, “SILENCE, I Kill You!” It is a very strange sight to see such a beautiful angel with big brown eyes say this with all guttural tones, “SILENCE, I KILL YOU!”

Anyway, because of her slower speech the other mother has considered having her tested and hopefully getting her into our local pre-school. Of course, all I could think of is all the kids sitting innocently in morning circle. One of the kids will reach over to pass the morning share around and little, angelic Anna will say, “STOP touching me!” The kid will looked shocked at her and she will rebut, “SILENCE, I KILL YOU!”

Yes, I know some of you are horrified at this though and wonder why a four year old would even watch such a thing and when my kids were 4 they never would have, but you know what, when you have six kids, I give you credit if you make it through the day with all kids alive and even a portion of your sanity intact. If watching Jeff Dunham helped, then good for her.

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