Friday, September 5, 2008

More on McCain & Palin - an alternative view

I was shocked today. The kids and I went to a Not Back to School party at the beach. Of course, the conversation came round to politics. Now I love talking politics, but I was shocked at one mother’s response. She was very hard on Sarah Palin. She questioned Sarah’s momness. She could not understand how a mother of five could take on such a large job. In her words, “something has to give”. She figured that the Palin’s must have nannies and other caretakers, and felt that this made Sarah different from her and all the mothers she knows. I was taken aback by her response. She also felt that Bristol’s pregnancy proved that there was some failing in their family. I tried to tell her that Sarah had fired the cook and gotten rid of the Governor’s jet. Unfortunately, I think the fact that she had this to begin with angered her. I told her that I felt for Bristol who had a very difficult time in her life investigated and interpreted by the entire country if not the world. She felt that this was just another example of our society’s acceptance, if not glamorization, of teen pregnancy. I was even more surprised to hear that she has discussed these feelings on online boards and found people that agreed with her opinion. I hope the RNC will get out more about her life and prove that she is like us.

Also, I was very surprised that she was not really aware of McCain’s military passed. Again in her own words, “If you ask me, if the republicans want to win this race, they will introduce America to this part of McCain’s life.” Of course, I have found this very funny since all the commentators could talk about was the waste of time Republicans spent on “introducing” McCain to America. They felt all Americans already knew McCain. Well again, we that enjoy politics sometimes get stuck in our bubble and do not realize that average Americans do not follow politics like we do. She had actually seen the biography of McCain on a History or Biography type channel. She felt that if people could see his character it would override their concerns about McCain’s age.

On the positive side, despite her bad talk of McCain & Palin, she did feel that they would be the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Also, note she wasn’t too thrilled with Obama and Biden either.

As for me, I thought McCain did a great job last night. It wasn’t outstanding, but it was very good. I personally appreciated his admonition of political leaders who have sold out and instead of being in Washington to make a change, they become focused on ensuring their longevity in the office. The change that McCain and Palin are talking about is the change that my husband and I are looking for. I think not only will they make a mark on the Oval Office, but they may change the Republican party forever – back to the basics, working for the people!

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