Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perfectly Simple Sunday

Hannah has blown away over night. We lost power from 2 am to sometime very early this morning. As I heard (or I guess technically the lack of sound) the power go out, my first concern was not for weather, the frozen foods, or the damage Hannah could be doing to my house and yard, instead I worried about how I was going to do my hair in the morning for church. But fresh from my license lesson, I convinced myself that even if I did not have a shower in the morning or the ability to curl my hair, I could rise above my vanity and make it to church. Fortunately, I did not really have to do this. Today was a busy day at church, we had to make pancakes for Rally Sunday, I practiced and sang with the choir, and then I gave the children’s sermon. Now this sounds overwhelming, but church brings me peace especially on week’s that we have communion.

When we got home, dh and I worked on his Woodbadge and made prayer cards for the Patrol Boxes of his Boy Scout troop. As he made them, I thought that we could use a set of the prayer cards for our house and they could make great Christmas presents for families with young children. So I had dh make up a couple extras. Then I sewed badges and badges and badges on my kids’ uniforms and on the neighbor’s uniform (Can you believe she was going to bring it to a seamstress? They charge $5.00 a badge.). My poor little thumb is now supersensitive. Sewing made me think of the shopping challenge on Owlhaven and her overall simplistic ideals. The whole day was pretty low stress and simply wonderful. We ended the day with a delicious turkey dinner, rice pilaf, carrots, and applesauce. MMMMM!

What rejuvinates you?

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