Friday, September 12, 2008

Freezing Corn

Amidst the sadness yesterday of putting our dear James to sleep, my husband decided that to take my mind off it, we could freeze corn. Although it seems a little crazy, I think to some degree he was correct, especially since everyone pitched in to help. We blanched, cleaned off, and bagged a bushel of corn in about an hour. It is amazing what many hands can accomplish.
While I can can, I find freezing so much easier. I couldn’t immediately remember the amount of time needed for cooking, so I quickly googled freezing corn and found this website with the basic instructions.

As I said, the great thing was that the whole crew helped out. The kids husked. DH boiled and cooled the corn. Then I cut it and bagged it. As you see in the picture, DS also kicked by marking the baggies when I ran out. The environmentalist that he is, he also took charge of bringing the cobs out to the compost. I hate to admit that since we have put the house on the market, we have stopped composting, but since this project had so much organic waste, DS insisted that bring composting back.

Instead of canned corn this winter, we will have fresh, tasty, local corn. DH inquires at our local corn stand if they have any leftover corn. They will often sell extras at the end of the day for a substantially less than the regular price. Corn stands only sell at their stand fresh same day product. They have no use to end of the day or day old product, except to feed the animals or to fill their own kitchens. So DH bought the bushel for $16.00. We were able to make up 15 bags to freeze. Four ears, plus or minus, in each which probably is like 2 large cans or 3 small cans of corn (cans of corn range from .89 cents to $1.29 in the store, you can probably get it cheaper in bulk, or with coupons and sales). Plus we ate a little along the way. So each bag costs about $1.06. So on top of everything else, we have saved a little bit of money too.

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