Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leather Couch - true luxury and utility

Oh, I wish that I had a leather couch in the living room. We had had one for years, but it got relegated to the cellar. We replaced it with a suede type that is supposed to be stain-proof etc. etc. While that may be true, it is not as good as our good old leather couch.

I don’t know about in your house, but in ours a couch has to take a serious beating. We have animals, children, and I will admit that sometimes it acts as a dining room too. Couches have to be durable, sturdy, and comfy. Our house is not one of pretense, but utility and comfort.

We could not seem to find a leather couch that I liked at the time, but I liked the way this couch looked in the showroom. It hasn’t though lived up to my expectations. The couch is now only 2 or 3 years old and is already starting to show its age. I get very annoyed at expensive items with short lives. I don’t mind spending the money but I expect it to last.

Leather was so easy to care for. Everything wiped up so easily. Occasionally I cleaned it with a leather cleaner , but that was all. Pet hair didn’t stick to it. It never cracked or ripped. The leather looks almost as good today as the day we bought it. It was actually the frame and cushioning that started to give out after almost 20 years of usage. DH actually bought the couches before he had his first apartment. When these couches wear out, I am going to wait to find another leather couch that I like. Maybe I'll go for something like this . . .

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