Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pictures Not To Include in Your MLS Listing

I know that I have mentioned the blog It’s a Lovely Listing. Any day that you are at all blue, check it out and you are guaranteed a smile. If you are selling or buying, you absolutely will laugh out loud. As we’ve been on our house hunt, here are a couple of pictures that have surprised me:

This picture is from Brimfield, MA. I actually sent this one to Lovely Listings. I thought it was the visual equivalent to "Has everyone gone to the bathroom before we go out?" I figure that is way better to think of than what someone might find if they walked in the other way. Who comes up with these designs?

This one is actually from a beautiful house which I hope to tour in Oakham, MA. My question is though, with such a beautiful fireplace why wouldn't you move the table for the picture?

No, I haven't driffed away from my topic. This is an actual picture from a MLS listing in Paxton, MA. Why exactly is a picture of a world map supposed to inspire me to buy this house? And what room is this in? Very odd.

Finally, from Woodstock, CT - They say a picture says a 1,000 words. I'm thinking this one is saying " Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run ....." I'm thinking there may not even be a reason for a home inspection. And frankly this is the best picture of the grouping on this listing.

If you are crawling through the MLS and are frustrated, let me know what gets to you. Share with us any that give you a laugh. And don't forget to visit Lovely Listing. Not only do the pictures make her sight, but her comedic writing makes sure you will laugh.

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