Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Economy - Once A Month Cooking

As the kids and I were checking out the local market, we all noticed that friends of ours were posted as delinquent by the cash register. Aggh! They were already forced to move to a rental because their house was repossessed. Could they be in financial trouble again? I called a mutual friend when I got home, who knew the couple better than I. As we’ve been very busy with moving and such, I wondered if I had missed something in their life – had there been a loss of job or illness. Apparently not. The friend was quite distraught for them and I asked if she knew of anyway that we could help, because truthfully many of us are only one job loss, one illness, one major life change away from being in the same boat.

Anyway, the friend noted that she couldn’t think of any problems with the family, other than they spent a great deal of money on eating out. She said that often they were so busy trucking their children here and there and often could not get dinner ready. Both parents work and while this brings in extra cash, it leaves them very short on time. So I thought what if we all got together and tried some Once a Month Cooking. I don’t think we actually have to achieve 30 meals, but even if we could have one or two in the freezer, all of us could be better off. My girl friend thought it was a great idea. So I am supposed to be looking into the idea and how we can save money, work together, and get some great food.

So here is where I turn to you, I need some ideas. Have you done Once A Month Cooking? Have you done it with a group? What have you learned – good and bad? Do you have any favorite recipes? I appreciate any help that you give.

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