Saturday, September 13, 2008

High Heels for Babies

I am a practical kind of woman myself. I look at shoes like this and wonder who in the world wears these things, but it wasn't until . . . .

I saw this

that I thought all logic has left this world. Who in their right mind think that this is even cute? What will come next? Maybe I don't want to ask that question.

What do you think of this trend?


Gauri said...

Oh My God !! Is all I can say. Ofcourse I come from the generation where my mum picked my clothes for me almost till I was 12, so maybe I am not exactly the best person to comment on this. But forget fashion, if that child could speak I think she would say " Ouch Mum my toes really hurt, do you want to try these on to know what they feel like"
Great post Dawn :)

Dawn said...

Of course, I have to disclose that I am one of those mother's that didn't put shoes on my children's feet until they actually began to walk and needed foot protection. As cute as regular tiny little shoes are, they just weren't necessary. And Gauri, I still oversee my dear daughter's (13 1/2 year old) shoe choice. I'm kind of like Presient. I get veto power ; )

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I think this idea is really weird. There seems to be a visceral reaction to this--somewhere between ? and Ewww.