Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mandala Meditation - Thankfulness in all things

 "O Lord, my God, 
I will keep on thanking you forever."
-Psalm 30:12b

This is so easy in our joy, but so hard in our sorrow.  How can we recognize His gift in a death, a famine, a hardship, a debilitating injury, an abuse perpetrated on us?  How difficult to make out the footprints by your side or the enduring strength holding you up or the extra tears streaming with yours. How difficult to be thankful in pain.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How do get rid of a depressive mood - Walk in God's Temple

     I came home from work today in the most foul mood.  I felt mentally beat up and like I could do nothing right.  Fortunately, the person at work responsible for my rotten mood also said, "I really need a stress relief.  What can I do to relieve stress?"  
     I answered, "Boxing" at the time, which led him to ask if I boxed.  I just grinned,  "No, I do not box."
     He asked, "Then why such a mischievous grin?"  To which I refused to respond and just continued to smile.  But when I got home feeling really frustrated and generally sad, I thought about the things that do make me happy and decided my mood was up to me.  
     I called my husband and said, "Let's go hiking."  So as soon as he got home, my son, husband, and I headed out for the Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield, MA.  My blood pressure dropped as soon as my foot hit the trail.  I was in God's house, and he even put out the welcome mat.  Apparently, it is Lady Slipper season.  We saw dozens from almost white with wisps of pink to deep purple.  As my spirits rose, so too did God's word in my soul.  Yesterday's reading included, "Lead them like a shepherd and carry them forever in your arms." (Psalms 28:9b)  I found myself ruminating on the phrase, "Carry them forever in your arms."  In this walk, I felt like he was carrying me, and I was thankful.

I hope if you ever find your spirits low that you too will find a way to commune with God, whether it be in nature, in word, or in some other way.  

I don't think this is probably what was in my bosses mind when I refused to answer the question, but walking with God is a great stress releaver.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Book By Mother Teresa - an inspiring read

I came by this book while riffling through the books on the shelf at the library.  Of course since working on my masters doesn't provide me enough to do (clearly this is said sarcastically), I needed more to read and so I picked up yet one more for my spare time.

This was a wonderful and worthwhile read that will remind you about the wonder in the world.  We may think of Mother Teresa as a saint, but the biography at the back of the book reminds us that she was just a girl who wanted to make a difference.  She was a woman that listened to the yearning in her heart placed by God and had the conviction to follow no matter where it led.

This book does not have to be read from front to back and can get set down and picked up as you are inspired. or have time to devote to it.  I hope that you might pick it up yourself and see how her story might fertilize the yearnings of your heart.