Thursday, September 11, 2008

EconomicTimes Require Open Faced Sandwiches

Ok, that is a cute title. We aren’t really forced to eat leftovers due to our economics, but having been inspired by Owlhaven and the economic times I have been looking for more ways to use our leftovers. It is really disgusting to see how much food we threw away. Small countries would probably be thrilled to take our garbage. While we were eating a BOGO (Buy one Get One) Pot Roast the other day, DH said why don’t you make open faced sandwiches with the leftovers. DS said, “A what?” Leftovers have not been our forte. DH practically refuses to eat them, but now that the kids and I are home during the day alone, I have been trying to use dinner leftovers to create our lunches. And so the next day, he found out exactly what an Open faced sandwich was. I shredded the leftover meat, added some gravy, and toasted up some bread. DS added his trademark pepper and declared open faced sandwiches alright in his book. DD liked them too. A few days later, I had left over turkey. I added a half a can of peas and leftover carrots from the same meal, tossed in some gravy, toasted the bread again. Success again. Not only did they both like them. DS ate all the vegetables too.

I would love to hear any other ways that you have made your dollar stretch a little farther.

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