Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What to Cook

Sometimes I wish Rosie from the Jetsons really existed or the food transporters in Star Trek. Every night, I hear, “what is for dinner?”. These cries, I swear, start before they have barely downed their lunch. My husband is no better, sometimes he asks before he even leaves for work. Now I would love to be the preplanned Stepford wife who knows what we are eating for the next month and sometimes I do have it down, but some nights - - -aghhhhh! I don’t know and frankly (don’t tell anyone) I don’t care. I’ll be happy with a bit of cheese or a baked potato. I don’t want to think of a whole meal.

It seems like I am thinking about food 24 hours a day. If I’m not thinking of meal planning, I am thinking about shopping. What are we short on? And then I have to think of the extra things like, pies for church, coffee hour, cookies for meetings. No wonder dieting is so difficult. I think that my family thinks that I have a chip in my brain devoted just to meal preparation. I do enjoy looking through cooking magazines. I can’t really stomach cooking shows – maybe because I’m jealous. But I do like trying new things - - -maybe that is part of my problem. If every Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti day, I would know what I was having, but instead I like to mix it up and end up wishing I did not have to cook at all.

Oh, well, the microwave is beeping . . .I have to go make dinner. Maybe I’ll be more inspired tomorrow.

How do you plan your meals? Do you recommend any great websites or cookbooks?

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Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

First of all, I think it's a great testament to your cooking that your fam is so eager to hear what's on the menu. My family knows better than to even ask. They don't even like the way I fix boxed mac and cheese very well. I do make a weekly list and try to stick to it, but honestly, my favorite dishes are those that feature five or fewer ingredients. I do not belong in a kitchen.