Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Answering DH with a Smile and a Nod

I have learned sometimes to smile and nod when my husband is talking. I love my husband dearly, but sometimes I just don’t know how to respond . . .a smile and a nod is all I have to offer. We are still unfortunately stuck in the real estate game. Today, I went up with the kids to check out some of the towns that we have been considering. My husband seems to be leaning toward one house that we looked at, so I decided to investigate the town a little more. The first time we looked at the house. He told me everything that was wrong with the house. I felt badly for the real estate agent because he was so blunt about the house’s short comings. When he asked my opinion, I tried to voice my opinion, but he launched into another list of failings that the house had. I rolled my eyes, smiled and nodded. Then a few weeks later, he was espousing all the benefits of the very same house; telling me that we should seriously consider this house as a contender. I smiled and nodded. Today, we actually went back twice. I went by this morning and then he came by this evening with us. I tried to mention that the cost of the repairs necessary would be very high and the house was in such a state that these repairs would have to be made before we moved in. DH made a verbal list of repairs with what he considered reasonable repair rates. I smiled and nodded, but in my mind had added the same list up to almost double his total. The man that had ditched a house because we would need to paint the exterior was now choosing a house that needed rugs changed out, bathrooms remodeled, floors redone, and various other changes. I have long since learned that sometimes it is not worth it to argue. I smiled and nodded knowing that our house still had not sold and frankly I’d be happy with any house that meant this “moving” stage was over.

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