Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Am - appreciated for just being


I am so quiet in my life
Loud in my actions
Clear in my convictions

But who would they say I am?
What I do, they know.
When I plan, they come.

Called for my decisive actions.
Could they tell you one private moment?
Do they have a shared memory?

My name they know,
But my Being Kept hidden

Could it be the other way –

I live so loudly
They hear me cry
They watch me laugh

We join in joy and sorrow
Embracing friends
Shouldering troubles

Tied together, braided and intertwined
Sharing a moment
Traveling through life together

My being bursting forth,
Comfortable in showing my all!

I Am!

I wrote this while absoring Oprah on Friday. She was talking to Maria Shriver about her new book, Just Who Will You Be.

Like the audience I could relate to many of the feeling that she had about being appreciated for doing not just for being. I think that I am going to put this book on my must read list. . . .

What books are on your must read list? Did anything this week inspire you to do more?

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