Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Time Together

I could probably write an incredible post below these pictures about having traveled somewhere in Scotland or England, but instead they are from a hidden corner in Connecticut. DH had to drop off a bid in Canton and then we were to buzz by the Boy Scout office for a tour permit, and then over to the ultimate shopping destination, Cabela’s. But when DH looked at the map he decided to take a detour. After all these years of marriage, he still surprises me. He said, “I’m going take you here.” He pointed to the Sayville Dam on the CT map. “You won’t even believe we are still in CT.”

He was right, it looked like we had driven into a loch the way the water snaked around hills. It was beautiful. I was particularly interested in this building atop the reservoir, maybe a control house of some kind. Its architecture only added to the mystic. As the gas prices are so high and our esteemed Governor M. Jodi Rell is recommending stay-cations, what new place can you discover by you?

We also hit another tourist attraction, just before the dam at a gas station in New Hartford. We found a telephone booth. Our kids did not know what to make of it. DD thought we had been transported to England - - -it doesn’t seem to enter her consciousness that we once had them too. I’m sure she is still rattled from learning that records came in two sizes – 33’s and 45’s. At the rate DH and I are going telling the kids that we know and lived with all these ancient forms of communication, they are going to be sure that we are older than dirt.

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