Saturday, August 23, 2008

Political BS - Biden

Obama chose Biden. What kind of change will that bring? A senator since 1972. That is about as entrenched as you get. What was the Obama Campaign thinking? Perhaps they brought him on for his "experience" but this choice is not going to encourage on the fence Republicans to jump over, it is not going to invigorate the youth, and the unaffiliateds are going to be confused by his message. In essence, Obama just confirmed the speculation of his "inexperience", why else would he have choosen Biden unless he agreed that he is weak in this area. And the man represents Delaware. What pull does Delaware have? It doesn't bring New England or the Bible Belt. It doesn't have a large population and therefore represents one of the smallest fractions of the Electoral College. I will be very interested to see the polls. I predict almost no movement in the tickets popularity due to this choice.

I remember when I first saw Biden in Senate. I was immediately drawn to him, but not in a good way. He should be the spokesman for Orbitz Gum with the way he smiles. . . those teeth. I have never seen someone so deliberately smile and unsmile. Where most people would put a period or exclamation point Joe Biden puts a smile. I have since seen a biography of him which softens my heart a little toward this very false exterior. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for him to work his first year in the Senate with his wife and daughter dead and his sons injured.

I have respected Obama's "machine" up until now. I see no real benefit from this choice.

McCain, here is your chance. Choose someone solid and exciting. Maybe someone a little outside the typical political life. Hmmmm! Sounds like Mitt Romney to me.

Tell us what you think.

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Gauri said...

Hi Dawn. Many Indians seem to be rejoicing at Obama's chioce of Biden basically because of his pro India stance on the nuclear energy deal.

Thought you might like reading this article that Shashi Tharoor wrote in one of India's biggest dailies 'The Times of India'