Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Help - My Kids are Growing Up

Help me. I no longer understand the language being spoken at my dining room table. I remember when the children were small and I used to complain that my husband never took the children. For me, they were constant appendages. I love / loved my children, but there were times I so desperately needed a break. I could not even image this day coming. Now he goes here and there with them and I am the one left home. They have started fishing and camping. Last weekend and this weekend, they are taking a hunting course. They’re talking about caliber and action, discussing seasons to hunt what, and I am left just drop-jawed. I barely understand what they are talking about.

Now I am left with hours and days with no one in the house, except the dogs. I did not think that it was possible. I’m sure it is only going to get worse as they get older and branch off with their friends and, bite your tongue, get their licenses and jobs. When they were first born, it seem like there was so much time in front of us. Now it seems to be more behind us than in front of us. Only just a few more years before college or life . . .what shall I ever do?

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