Friday, August 22, 2008

Politcal BS - Texting the VP & How Many Houses

In the interests of fairness I am going to give equal time to both of our presidential candidates. Of course that time is going to come in the form of complaint.

It is 9:54pm EST and we just heard on Larry King Live that Obama has delayed his text announcement of his vice president until tomorrow. I’ll give him credit that he had the whole country a buzz waiting for their personal text, but it is pretty anti-climactic to find out that you are not getting the information as expected. This may have been a very interesting way to capture more voter information, but they may have ended up annoying those they had intrigued. Generation Technology is not used to have to wait for their information. They are not well known for their patience or long attention span. I think someone in the Obama campaign may have made a mistake in their calculations. If you are going to hype everyone up, you better be ready to follow through.

On the other hand, how do you not know how many houses you own? And if you really, really don’t for some bizarre reason, couldn’t you make it sound better than, “I’ll have to have my staff get back to you.” I will disclose that I myself am a Republican, but I cannot tell you that I am very excited about this candidate. And I almost threw up, when it was mentioned that he may pick Joe Liberman as his VP. Republicans are not all old, white, rich men and it is about time that our party acknowledged that, by putting up someone that represented a more diverse party while still focusing on our conservative core.

I hate to admit that this year my vote is very much up for grabs, unless Mitt is announced as McCain’s running mate or Clinton is announced as Obama’s. Mitt is my man. He had my support back in the primaries and will keep in if he is on the ticket. Clinton, on the other hand, repels me to the extent that I will happily accept anyone but.

What do you think of the Texting & House issues? Where does your support lye this year?

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