Monday, August 18, 2008

Enjoy the Race - An Olympic Lesson

Usain Bolt from Jamacia could teach us all a lesson. As he ran the 100m men’s event, he not only won the gold medal, he broke another world record. The lesson that he taught though was not in strength, nor in fitness or speed (although 30 mph for a human being is amazing). If you watch his race, you will see that he begins decelerating before the end of the race. The entire race is less than 10 seconds, but he realized in the last second or two that he had won the race. He dropped his hands down feeling the wind and puffed his chest out. He then pounded his chest. All before passing the finish line in record time. Commentators were dumbfounded, “He could have shaved another .5 seconds off if he had stayed in form.” When they interviewed and asked him why he didn’t push harder, he basically responded that he won what more does he need to give. He was savoring the sweetness of success.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the achievement, we forget to enjoy our fruits. How many people have worked themselves, saying they will enjoy life when they retire and then due to health reasons are never able to do so? How many people get so caught up in getting somewhere, they never see the rainbow over their head? How many people get so side tracked making a future for their children that they miss their childhood altogether? Perhaps we should all lower our arms a little and pound our chests. When we know that we have won the race, we perhaps can slow a bit and enjoy the race itself.

Programing Note: Usain runs again later today in the 200m event.

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