Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Call Me Woman . . . Thankful Woman

It is 10pm EST. My eyelids are heavy. I could easily put my head down. I’m tired, but the washing machine says 11 more minutes before I can put it in the dryer. The garbage that my son was supposed to take out is still full and unless I want to clean it up from the kitchen floor, I will take it out. The dogs have not gone out yet and the casserole dish from dinner needs to be washed. I will get it all done before I get to bed . . .Just call me woman.

Of course if you are watching the DNC Convention with me, you just saw Spielberg’s tribute to the men and women in Iraq. After watching that, my tired eyelids don’t seem so tired and I am truly blessed to have my children close enough to forget their chores. I am thankful to have food in my stomach and a bed in which I can lay my head. . . Just call me thankful for all that our men and women of the armed forces do and for all that their families sacrifice.

PS. Very interesting, here we are at the DNC convention listening to a discussion about who the Republican nominee may choose for VP. Hmmmmm! Botched text message or interupting announcement. And maybe a woman??? McCain, let's shock them all with a great choice.

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