Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fairies Moving In

If you live in the city, fairies must seem like characters made up for fairy tales. But if you live in the country, especially after a good rain, it seems possible. Everything looks so rich and brown. And when the sun shines through the breaks of the trees, it almost seems like a living fantasy movie.

Here in New England, we have been getting some crazy storms day after day, the other day we were even pelted with hail (as hail is snow according to the meteorologist, it will be recorded that we had snow in August). This extra moisture has caused fairies to move into my yard. How else could you explain these tiny capped houses that are not usually around, but when it rains . . .

I just want you to know that I went out while the sky was still flickering with lightning to get these pictures. And yes, I know the green stuff is poison ivy. I kept far away from that.

The extra moisture has also produced Indian Pipes, or maybe, maybe that is a little fairy forest – HMMMM!

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