Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disappointed in John Edwards

What is wrong with men? I can’t believe this story about John Edwards. And while his wife was sick – GRRRRR! This poor family has been through so much. How could he be so cavalier? This reminds me so much of the Garry Hart / Donna Rice affair. How do these people think that they will get away with this? They are not private people. There are forces at work that are purposely trying to unseat these people from their pedestal with issues far smaller than extra-marital affairs. Why would they put it all on the line?

I just can’t imagine reaching the pinnacle of my career and being willing to let it all go for dalliance with someone of the opposite sex. Bill Clinton’s time with Monica overshadows all of his other work. I’m not a particular fan of his politics, but how many people can name policies that Bill Clinton put into place? Who knows about the cigar and the blue dress? How sad to have your career soiled in such a way.

Ironically, I can’t think of too many women who have been willing to pay such a high price. So maybe this male stupidity finally puts to rest the question of which is the stronger gender. These men seem to be willing to give up all that they have for a few minutes in bed – to hell with the consequences. We woman will endure lack of food and goods, embarrassment, and even physical harm if that is better for the whole. So I guess the term “stronger” is all relative.

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