Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thunderstorms on the horizon

Another thunderstorm is percolating. The sky is dimming and the air is rumbling. It would not seem possible that there could be any more rain to be had, but here it is again. I think it has now been raining on and off for at least three weeks. The Northeast is not known for its rainy season and it isn’t hot enough to cause the normal summer storms. This is just plain crazy weather.

DS is rooting for the power to go off, but I frankly am not voting for that. Lightning storms can cause havoc with electronics. I am only continuing to type on this computer because I have unplugged it. The tv is still on because DS is enjoying Robin Williams’ Flubber (a mini bribe for getting through his homework – we work for paychecks – kids have slightly different inspiration). I hoping that won’t be damaged, as I really can’t afford a new one.

On the positive side, this crazy weather is covering well for our broken lawn mower. Who can blame us for not mowing the lawn if there is never enough sun to do it?

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