Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin's Resignation Leaves Questions of Why?

Have you seen the news? I logged on to send an email for my daughter and the story hit me in the face “Palin Resignation Leaves Questions about at 2012 Run”.
As a Palin fan, I quickly scoured the article. It frankly did not have a lot of facts, but instead a lot of speculation of why. The only fact for sure is that Sarah Palin has resigned as Alaska’s governor effective July 26th. Frankly, two things cross my mind: one, that there is something wrong with her or the family and I truly hope that this is not true or two, there is some sort of scandal about to blow-up (this would disappoint me greatly). The article though implies that this may be part of a larger plan to run for President in 2012. To that all I can say is “Are you %^$%* mad???” If this is her plan, she must have the worst political advisors out there. Even Palin supporters, such as me, cannot support someone who quits such a high political office. If she feels that she is leaving the state in better hands by passing the position onto Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell who can give the position better attention than, I think she better reconsider the message she is sending. If he’s better to run the state, then why shouldn’t he be the nominee? If people chastised her for not having enough experience during the last race, imagine what is going to be said now – not only hasn’t she appreciably increased her experience, she quit. She left her state hanging. I guess the only thing that I can hope and pray for Sarah is that maybe she just decided her family had to come first. . . that I can respect.

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