Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Want to Suck Your Blood

Yesterday, DD and I volunteered at a local Blood Drive. At the last blood drive we went to, frankly my first, I couldn’t give blood. I just don’t have enough iron. While the Red Cross says that I can keep trying, I have been borderline anemic my entire life and thus why I hadn’t given before and I think there is a reality of knowing that while I may be better than I’ve been my entire life, my blood is not strong enough to share. But to volunteer, no iron is necessary and so DD and I spent a few hours checking donors in and making sure that no one fainted.

Interestingly, the day tied into a sermon a few weeks ago at church about the “reasons” for death and pain. I learned that the woman who had announced the need for volunteers at church was organizing these blood drives in memory of a daughter that she lost to cancer. She shared this with me as she herself was on the table donating with her other three children nearby. She had taken her grief and turned it into a wonderful life giving gift to hundreds and thousands of other people in need. A pebble in the water leaving ripples that ring ever larger. One small pebble, one large impact.

If you can give, I encourage you to donate. If you can’t donate, then perhaps you too can volunteer. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or check out their website.

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