Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where's Waldo?

What state does this picture make you think of?

How about another? Another? I am going to guess that even if I gave you 20 guesses, you would not say Massachusetts unless you happen to be from here. I was completely surprised how much water is up here in “Western” Massachusetts (another strange MA realization – apparently Western MA starts at Worcester – pronounced Wooster - - - I would have called where we live central, but anything west of Boston is kind of secondary I guess). This bog like condition is not rare. It is everywhere. I cannot tell you the number of houses we ruled out for this kind of wetlands nearby – all I could think of was bugs, bugs, bugs.

What do you think people would be most surprised about in your state?


Dawn said...

Those photos really aren't what I think of when I picture Mass. They do look pretty though.
I live in Washington and I think it might surprise people who aren't from around here to know that the the whole side east of the Cascades, is desert. It's not all rainy and "evergreen" like the state motto says.

Dawn said...

When I was out west, I was shocked when we crossed the mountains. I know exactly what you mean.