Sunday, July 12, 2009

Productive Weekend

I have had a very productive weekend thanks to Lowe’s sales. DH and I headed over to Lowe’s to get ant repellant and also found tables of discounts. I walked away that day, but the items called to me all night and so Saturday, DH and I headed back. I had seen curtains that would work perfectly in our living room. However, as any good sale buyer knows, I had committed the ultimate sin - leaving a sale item that you love behind may mean that it won’t be there if you go back and sure enough they were gone. I did however pick up: curtains and rods for my son’s room, bulbs for the kids’ bathroom, and a lampshade for my room.

I kicked myself for not getting the other curtains, so I begged DH to check to see if there was anything that would work at Wal-mart and there was. When we put them up, they really made the room looked finished.

I also picked up a $3.00 curtain rod so that I could hang my bathroom curtain.

And as a bonus, I don’t need to use the tiebacks because there is already hardware, so I think that I am going to make a coordinating pillow. Can you see it here?

They say the 1st part of recycling is reusing or in this case perhaps it is repurposing.

Also, from this trip, I was able to hang our wedding picture.

Now, if I can use that same energy to get myself packed for Martha’s Vineyard.

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