Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from the Vineyard

My life is longer now. They say laughter asks minutes to your life. If that is true then I added weeks if not whole months in the past couple of days. Martha's Vineyard was fantastic.

Some of the best lines from the week:

While reading Trivial Pursuit questions at a restaurant, "What is the name of a field purposely left unplanted for a year while the soil replenishes?"

Emphatically, one of the mom's responds, "Family Feud". We have no idea what she thinks she heard, but we all got a good laugh. The real answer, by the way, was "Fallow".

A poster we read, "Put on your Granny Panties and Get over it". I'm still not sure why the girls thought this was so funny, but it became their mantra for the weekend.

While looking at a beautiful pie plate with an Irish Soda Bread recipe in the center, I commented, "I wonder why they put this in a round plate?"

One of the mom's, "Because when you put the dough into and bake it, the bread will come out that way."

A look of wonder and a wave of laughter overtook me and one of the other moms, "I don't think that is quite what she meant."

I'll try to share some more of our wonderful trip tomorrow, including information about two of my favorite shops & one of the best artists I have ever seen.

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