Thursday, July 9, 2009

Short Changing Yourself

It is too often in life that you ARE short changed, so it is important that you don’t do it to yourself. This may seem so simple that it doesn’t need to be repeated, but I realized that I need to hear this myself. In our new town there is no mail service so we need to drive to the post office everyday and get our mail. As you drive up, there are usually some cars already there. As I try to assess where there are spots and, more importantly, if I can parallel park in the remaining spots, I inevitably short change myself and park far sooner than I need to. As I walk to the mailboxes, I see two or three parking spaces closer than where I chose. Mind you the exercise is a good thing, but I realized that the parking situation was indicative of my entire personality. I am a conservative person, who will if needed fight for her beliefs, but frankly would rather not have the confrontation. I am confident in my abilities, but often short change myself when I tell others about myself. As I have been looking for a job, I do it to myself in this genre too. Whereas, others I know strive past their true potential and try for things that are bigger, better, and beyond what one would expect their expectation would be. Certainly, in the parking situation, they would absolutely keep driving and expect that the spot in front of the post office would be just for them.

I am personally going to try and change this. I have first hand seen the “shoot for the stars and reach the moon” mentality work. Rarely have I seen someone achieve more than what they set out for.

What is your personality? Where would you be parking?

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