Friday, July 17, 2009

Take Sanctuary at Craftworks, Martha's Vineyard

Have you ever seen a piece of artwork that just takes your breath away? This actually happened to me a few years ago when my husband and I visited Martha’s Vineyard with friends and was renewed when I went back this week. The furniture can be found in a small storefront in Oak Bluffs called Craftworks. The furniture itself is by Sticks, originally inspired by artist Sarah Grant but now has become so popular that it is done by a team of artisians. The pieces are not just beautiful, but also inspirational as many are wrapped with quotes.
As I can’t come close to affording these beautiful pieces, I have to settle for visiting them whenever we go to the island. I have set my mind that I am going to try to create a piece, but I am not sure that I can do Sticks work justice. Please note, craftworks also sells many other pieces by talented artists. This store is a must see if you ever go to the island.

Just next door is one of my other favorite stores of the island, Sanctuary. As you have probably noticed, I love the written word. Sanctuary is a quote store. Quotes can be found on everything: rings, rocks, banners, statues, tiles, t-shirts, cards, posters, plaques, and mugs. I could easily buy this store out, but as we biked to town, I did limit myself. DD bought a beautiful sterling silver “faith” ring. I gave myself a good laugh when I considered buying one of the long thin quote boards and considered what I would look like bicycling with it in my basket.

If you cannot make it to the island both of these stores have wonderful online stores:


And if you go in person, be sure to check out the bakery nearby for their delicious apple fritter donughts. It is right next to the Oak Bluffs post office. We also enjoyed a delicious and reasonably priced lunch at Linda Jeans.

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