Thursday, July 2, 2009

Encouragement Encourages Play

Have you ever started a wonderful family game night and watched it go up in smoke? DH actually came up with the idea. When we finished dinner, he suggested we play. DS, who is relishing in his sister being away, brought down Planet Earth first, an environmentally themed Monopoly, but DH nixed that choice. DS went back up and came down with Dominoes, Set, and Skipo. DH opted for Dominoes, my least favorite game, especially when we use all of the dominoes.

It may be easy to read 4 or 6 dots; it is almost impossible for me to read the 11 and 15 dominoes, let alone add them to other dominoes that I am also having difficulty reading. None the less, I agreed to play. It had been so long since I played that I needed a little update on the rules and away we went. Sure enough it wasn’t too long and I started hesitating as I was adding. It was very embarrassing. I consider myself very good at math, but I was struggling to figure out the number on the domino, add it to the others. This was only compounded by DH telling me how easy it was if I added his way. Numbers were flying everywhere and I was getting so frustrated. After a game and a half of being laughed at, I folded and said that this was my last hand. DH asked why. He often plays word games with me and is frustrated. I couldn’t hold my tongue. . . I remained calm but flatly explained that I did not insult him when he played. I didn’t try to confuse him or point out his errors. He had nothing to say back. The game was over and I went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. I know it is hard for him. He was raised in a very critical environment, but it had seemed like he had gotten over his insulting ways. Every once in a while thought, they still rear their head and ruin a perfectly good evening.

Fortunately, DS came in later and asked to play another game with me and we played SET. He and I laughed through the whole thing. We tied one game and I lost one game, but I had fun the whole time.

Encouraging one another is the best way for everyone to have a good time.

If one of you is struggling, the other should lend a hand.

Individually, we may be weak; Together, we are strong.

Remember your words can strengthen or destroy. Think before you speak.

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Gauri said...

Sounds like a fun evening Dawn :) Hope you have a great weekend too !!