Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl Scout Silver Award

Last night was a big night in our household, DD was awarded her Girl Scout Silver Award. We had a wonderful night at a local (to our old hometown) eatery which the owner let us use after hours.

This award is the culmination of three years of work. If you are familiar with the Silver Award, check out the Girl Scout website that explains it. Interestingly, the girls were a little frustrated when their first project ideas were shot down and they ended up “only” planning a bag-a-badge day for younger scouts. However, I think that they learned more in this process than they anticipated. Usually / up until now, we moms really made sure that everything went ok. We reminded them about all deadlines, picked up any loose ends that they had left. This time they were on their own. There were struggles and difficulties, but they persevered. I think they learned a lot. DD ended up teaching an Art segment. Art is not her forte so she had to work extra hard to become an expert. She basically almost self created an art appreciate course for herself in order to be ready for teaching the class. Better than that, I did not have to force her to do it. She knew what had to be done and pushed herself. We did though have a night where they presented their course to the other girls in our troop and a few special guests before the actual program. This was a very worthwhile process as all of the girls were more open to the critique of each other and the guests as opposed to the same leaders again. The day went of wonderfully.

It was wonderful to pin my daughter with the same Silver Award that I received 25 odd years ago, but I hoping that she will go onto to earn the Gold, which I did not.

Two notes:
One I think that Scouts is a great addition to any homeschool curriculum. It reinforced the morals that most people strive to build in their children. It encourages them to explore their interests and is a great social outlet.

If you are interested to see what DD included in her Bronze Award, check out Bottles of Hope. This is a great service project for anyone that is looking for one and was extra special as one of our mothers was battling cancer at the time. The DD and one of the other girls in the troop taught other troops how to make the bottles and then gathered all those that were created, baked them, and delivered them to the cancer ward at St. Francis.


MrsMomma said...

Congratulations to your daughter! :D

Dawn said...

Congratulations to your daughter! That sounds like quite an accomplishment.