Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pushing up Daisies

Everyone cherishes different things. I love flowers: wild ones, planted ones – it doesn’t matter. I’ve come to dread having them in the house because our mischievous cat gets after them and inevitably knocks them over (I’d love any hints if anyone has any on that), but I do love them outdoors. In the new house, I am very blessed because the house has been landscaped in such a way that flowers have continued to bloom since we moved in from the day we moved in at the end of April. There is also though a zone of free growing plants on a hillside that is very hard to mow. There is actually where some of the most beautiful flowers are and some of them have made their way down to our lower lawn and this is where the disagreements have ensued. When DS has been mowing, all things in his path have been mowed down. But the other day, when I mowed that section, I was more careful in my mowing and mind you I did not leave them all, but I was much more selective in my mowing leaving tufts of daisies here and a small patch of little purple flowers there. It may not be the traditional mowing pattern, but it brings a smile to my face.

Here are a couple of pictures of the flowers in my yard. I hope they bring you some joy today too.

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Dawn said...

Those flowers are lovely. Do you have any bell jars that you could place over the flowers that you bring into the house?