Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ants Go Marching One by One

Aggggggh. . .the ants have invaded. I came down to make breakfast this morning and while the pan was warming to cook the pancakes, I began putting the dried dishes away. That is when I saw them – ANTS and they weren’t marching one by one but they were flowing in. I tried to start with the all natural approach. I got out the white vinegar and wiped the window and the counter down. The ants did not seem to mind one bit. I started to really get upset and grabbed the cayenne pepper – I had heard that ants will not cross a cayenne pepper line. I will tell you that it definitely stopped them and clearly they did not like the taste, but the quickly devised their own plan. They began somersaulting over the line. At about this time, my pancake pan was screaming for something in it on the stove. I started trying to cook and curb the attack of the ants (you can only imagine how well that was going). Thank goodness, DH came down stairs. He said to heck with the au-natural and got out the ant spray. We certainly have some more work to do, but this attack was thwarted. I guess summer is really here.

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