Saturday, June 13, 2009

Capitalism is alive and well in America

Lately there has been a lot of press regarding the death of capitalism. I, however, want to reassure you that it is alive and well in our household. Our riding lawn mower has not yet made the travel north and so we must make due with a push mower. 1 acre does not seem like much on a plot plan, but when you are pushing a mower it is a lot of land. So despite the fact that we do not normally give allowance, a price was set for mowing the lawn, $20.00. DS has now done it three times and accumulated $60.00. DD began to think that she was getting the short end of the arrangement. “If I mow, will you pay me?” “Absolutely, if you want to get paid, you and DS can rotate and we’ll pay accordingly.” DD is not one who normally signs up for extra chores and often does work that she needs to do grudgingly, so this enthusiasm was out of character. I can guarantee you that this interest was not due to the smell of fresh cut grass or the time she spent out under the beautiful sky, her decision was 100% motivated by cold hard cash – capitalism at its best.

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