Monday, June 29, 2009

Making LINKS with the community

DD is off to KY on a mission’s trip with our old church. This is a momentous occasion for so many reasons. Certainly as a mission trip she is acting as God’s hands on earth, but also this is somewhat of a rite of passage for her. As a family, we have done this mission trip several times before, but this year she is doing it alone. Ok, alone with 75 of her closest friends. DD has done camp before so going away is not foreign to her, but this is more than camp. This is a way for her to spread her wings. She is out of state and will be treated as an adult and expected to work like one too. I think she is probably handling the whole thing better than I am; although, I have already heard from her 4 times by phone and she has only been gone since Saturday morning. I’m hoping this trip brings her the independence that she is seeking and helps her to see her faithful powers. God’s miracles happen everyday, especially if you are willing to listen to His call and help them come to fruition. Please pray for the safe keeping of my DD and all those of the United Churches of Durham that have traveled to KY.

If you are interested to help those in need, check out LINKS. You will get back far more than you give.

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