Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teenage Dreams

When you have a teenager, sometimes it is hard to believe that you come from the same planet, let alone believe that you share DNA. But sometimes, some rare times, you relate to each other and share the closeness reminiscent of those early days when you were almost one. Today was such a day for my DD and I.

Moving has been difficult on DD. She has dreaded it and complained about it for months. But with the exception of my husband who now has an extra 15 hours a week (due to not having to commute), DD probably has had the biggest gain. She now has girls her age just steps from our back door, she is the prize volunteer at the library, and as she has dreamed her entire life, she is working with horses. Our house is just a short walk from a horse rescue.

Today, we went for the second time to work with the horses. She and I watered them and she gave them each some hay. She groomed Tucker, a miniature horse,

and then led several of them back to the stalls as the rain moved in. We had a good time and I think that she enjoyed being more competent than me. I once dreamed of horses like she does, but I never had the opportunities that she has had. The closest I came was riding a horse on a lead line at my elementary school. She has ridden, had riding lessons, gone to horse camp, and now is volunteering at a rescue. She is becoming the main character in all of those horse books she reads. I am blessed to stand by and be able to see her dreams becoming reality.

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