Monday, June 8, 2009

Sabbath Supper - from recipe card to leftovers

In our new house, you really have to plan your time. DD had play rehearsal last night so I needed to make sure that I got gas in the morning – there are no gas stations on the way – a 45 minute ride away. So DH agreed to take my car to church so that we could fill up in the South (north desolate / south population). Since we were so close, I convinced him to also stop at the grocery store. Because of his back, he stayed in the car but the kids and I shopped. I did not have a large list, but somehow filled the basket before we left. In the first isle, the kids spied the recipe rack and were immediately enthralled. My kids are not little anymore, so they aren’t just grabbing to grab. They really expect you to make the recipes that they pull out. I agreed to one – Butterflied Roast Chicken. So a whole chicken, 1 lemon, 1 orange, and some shallots later we were on our way to Sunday dinner (yes, the recipe calls for honey too, but my short term memory forgot that and DH had to run to the corner later when I was cooking – ooops).

When we got home, I butterflied the Chicken and roasted away.

We had the chicken, noodles with parsley, and green beans. It was a wonder Sabbath meal – a respite and reunification for the family (I’m thinking we need to do this more often). As we were clearing the table, DS asked if he should throw out anything leftover. DH made a snide remark about chicken broth and thus my cooking was not done. In to the pot went the bones and excess meat. Four hours later, broth better than Swansons. Funny how when I woke up Sunday morning, none of this was in my plan. Next time maybe I should leave the kids at home???


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Is that a real picture of your meal? Wow! I am impressed! I could never make a meal like that!

Dawn said...

no - it is the picture from the recipe card - but mine looked pretty similar. It was pretty un-mess-up-able.