Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pizza Recipe Cookbook - Yum

I made two yummy pizzas from the book Pizza: Grill it, Bake it, Love it! by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough last night.

My DS has an addiction to cookbooks and takes tons out every time we go to the library. I’m glad that he is interested in the culinary arts, but I can’t yet get him to understand that we live with a food budget and that for the most part we have to cook with the food that we have. Much to Martha Stewarts chagrin I can’t run out and buy capers or special flavored oils that I may use in only one recipe. Last night though, I was able to peek through this cookbook and find some recipes that worked with food that I had on hand. I prepared a Mushroom pizza on a Parmesan Pizza Dough and a Sausage and Pepper Pizza on a Classic Crust. The pizza, the dough, and the sauce was all from scratch. The dough came out a little thin, but crispy and I was surprised by some of the flavors. I never would have thought to put Worcestershire Sauce on the mushrooms going on my pizza. I also thought that I had way to many toppings and not enough cheese, but it was all delicious. I think I may even buy this book to add to my personal cookbook collection.

I’m thinking that my husband might actually be enjoying me not working. I have time to make food that takes hours to rise. The house is a little cleaner and I seem to be smiling a lot more. Sometimes in loss there are blessings. Of course my bills may not see it that way : )

PS. I have no charge on my account for the gas and the manager doesn’t seem to care. Now what?

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That pizza sounds great to me! Cute blog!