Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wine Tasting - a great way to spend the afternoon

DH suprised me today with the idea of checking out some local vineyards. Unfortunately due to DD's schedule, we were only able to do one, but if you are ever looking for a way to spend the afternoon, local vineyards are a great idea.
Today we checked out Hardwick Vineyard and Winery.
The tasting was actually free, but of course I couldn't walk out empty handed and so I picked up a glass from the vineyard for our collection, a bottle of wine, and my first Christmas gift purchase of the year. My favorite wine of theirs was Yankee Boy White. DH's was Massetts Cranberry. We also picked up a brochure about the entire Massachusetts' Wine and Cheese Trail so that we can finish our Winery Tour another day.
I encourage you all to find wineries in your area and plan a visit. Please let us all know about your favorites.

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