Thursday, September 3, 2009

Visiting Maine

Do you have the list of 1,000 places to go before you die? I have checked one off this week. It isn’t far and now that we moved it is even closer. Years ago, when we were nearby I actually made my husband cross the border just to say that I’d been in Maine. I literally felt giddy when we crossed the border. You would have thought I was a child going to see Santa. This week, I actually got to go to Maine. It still was not for a very long time, only about 24 hours, but I really enjoyed it.

We took time to lighthouse hop along the Southern Portland coast. One of the greatest parts of traveling as a homeschooler is the questions that arise. When we stopped at the beach near the “Two Lights” Lighthouse, we were amazed to see a rock beach that looked like fossilized trees. When we walked through the edge where the stone was broken and shattered, it sounded like you were walking through glass. The stone was amazing and of course when we came home we had to find out more.

We also enjoyed a tour of the oldest lighthouse in Maine and then a window shopping trip at the wharf in Portland. We had a wonderful trip, but I cannot say that I can in good conscience check Maine off my places to go. In fact DH says that he may have to go back next month for another meeting and I must admit that I will eagerly plan another trip.


Gauri said...

This is Nice !! I hope you have India in your list of 1000 places :) Ive started with a list of 10 places for starters and if I manage that I think it would take me across the globe :)
Good luck for many more !!

MrsMomma said...

What a beautiful place! I'm glad you were able to go. :)

Dawn said...

Fun! Maine is on my list of places I'd like to visit someday to. Glad you got to go. :)

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Maine, but every picture I've seen looks so beautiful. I would love to visit one day.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I hope we'll continue to visit.