Friday, September 25, 2009

Join My Village

Today I had a few minutes to peruse magazines at the library. It is a rare treat that I enjoy because you are introduced to ideas, places, and concepts you may not already know. Today, I was introduced to Join My Village, a program run by General Mills which is educating people about the plight of this third world country while also making a difference through donations.
You are encouraged to learn about the Malawian villages and then choose one to join. Through participation in quizes and inviting friends, you can grow General Mills donation to "your" village. Also, if you choose to donate, Generals Mills will match your donation up to $50 per person (see their website for a full explination and limitations). This is certainly a wonderful way to change the world and, for those of you that homeschool like we do, this is a great way to learn about a different part of the world.

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