Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Inspiration to Execution - Crocheted Bookbag

My daughter pulled out this great bag that my birth-mother (AKA Grandma Out West) made for her at some point

and has been using it to carry her books. It is absolutely beautiful and shows yet another talent that my birth-mother has. I was so intrigued though that I emailed her to ask for the directions and was releaved to find out that it was crochets, but disappointed that she didn't know the exact pattern.

"Dear Dawn,

Unfortunately, no I do not have a pattern for that bag, but it is easy to make.It is crocheted.You just make a chain a little shorter than the width you want for the bag. Single crochet down the chain and then around the other side of chain. Then keep on single chaining round and round to height you want.The white fancy row contains double or triple crochet bobbles down into the second or third rows below depending on how big you want the design to show. If you have trouble, I could try to make another and write down what I did as I go.

Love and hugs,

Did I let that stop me - - - no! I dove in and even used a different stitch. I added a bottom trim and fringe. I tried crocheting with three threads at a time for the strap and here it is:

Because I use a wider stitch and a stretchier yarn, I am planning to sew in a cloth insert tomorrow.

Don't let not knowing what your doing stop you. Try new things. Reach for new horizons. The results may suprise even yourself.

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